Throughout the Waikato, Grady Airconditioning specialises in the supply, installation and repair of heat pumps and processing chillers

April 22, 2021

The team at Grady Airconditioning are experienced in air conditioning and heat pump units and help residential and commercial customers in Hamilton.

Owner-operator Steve, who is based in Cambridge, has over 20 years of expertise in dealing with heat pumps.

Get in touch with Grady Airconditioning to discuss buying a new heat pump or repairing your existing one.

Waikato heat pump installation

Which heat pump is best for you? Should you get a free-standing or wall-mounted one? What brand and size should you choose? Contact us for our expert opinion now.

Heat pump malfunction

Rather than buying a new heat pump or air-con unit, repairing it is a more sensible and cost-effective option. If your heat pump sounds sick, contact us and we’ll fix it asap.

Box chillers for hunters

Grady Airconditioning carries out repairs for commercial refrigeration across Hamilton and the Waikato. Contact us if you are worried about your benchtop chiller, cabinet cooler, processing chiller or under-bench chiller.


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