CST Septic

March 20, 2021

You can rely on the experts for your septic tank cleaning and liquid waste disposal!

Need a specialist team for a selection of liquid waste disposal services? We have the fully-trained, qualified team for you.

No matter you liquid waste or septic tank needs, we’re here to provide expert advice and professional service.

Cleaning your septic tank for peace of mind

It is imperative to get your septic tank serviced and cleaned regularly to prevent blockages and harmful flooding. Find out more about how we can ensure your septic tank is safe and working properly.

Securely disposing of your liquid waste

By being NZWWA Liquid and Hazardous Waste Code Compliant, we can ensure safe collection & disposal of your liquid waste with all waste being tracked and disposed of correctly in approved and monitored disposal sites.

Catch pit cleaning and grease trap servicing

Whether you are a dairy farmer, a restaurant owner or anyone else that may be in need of our service, you will be glad to hear we also offer grease trap servicing, cowshed sump cleaning and catch pit cleaning.


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