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Roadrunner Manufacturing

June 4, 2021

Roadrunner Manufacturing is backed by over 40 years of experience in producing custom aluminium products

Roadrunner Manufacturing has a strong reputation for quality and customer service

To obtain a free quote, please contact Roadrunner Manufacturing with your requirements

Aluminium fabrication

Within the boundaries of aluminium fabrication, Roadrunner Manufacturing can produce pretty much any product you want. Talk to us about your requirements today.

High-quality waterjet cutters

Waterjets offer plenty of versatility in cutting a wide range of materials as you can switch between cutting with water only, to machining with an abrasive. Speak to us about our waterjet equipment today.

Image gallery

Roadrunner Manufacturing has created a wide range of aluminium products for our customers. You can check out our image gallery to see the scope of products our talented team can custom-make for you.

NZ Spring Works

April 29, 2021

Specialist design and production of new springs and custom made springs and components.

Are you looking for precision flat and coil springs, wire forms and metal pressings? We can offer you all of these and more.

NZ Spring Works is a family owned and operated business bringing the skills and knowledge we have all gained into a working platform to build your ideas off.

Springs extension

Extension springs are a normal spring that when pulled apart tries to pull itself back onto itself. Perfect for trampolines and other such items.

Compression springs

While they all serve different purposes, compression springs all work on the same principle; they offer resistance to linear compressing forces. You push them, they push back!

Paint hook products

We design and manufacture hooks according to your needs.

Waipa Civil

April 24, 2021

Councils and construction companies in Waikato and Bay of Plenty choose civil construction business Waipa Civil for quality underground services.

The team at Waipa Civil consists of watermain contractors, drainlayers, directional drilling experts and civil crews for earthworks projects.

Safety and environmental awareness plays a crucial role in how (site:name) operates its business.

Water systems

Waikato’s preferred watermain contractors boasting both SHE and Site Wise certification. Qualified to carry out PE pipelines installation, sewer recovery work and more for companies and local council.

Directional drilling

Waipa Civil employs four specialised directional drilling crews to carry out work in environmentally sensitive areas throughout the greater Waikato region using advanced directional drilling technology.

Underground drainage

Experienced drainlayers qualified to carry out environmentally sensitive works wherever there is a stormwater drainage issue that needs resolving.

Probase Engineering has engineers who are specialists in private developments across Waikato

April 21, 2021

The team at Probase in Hamilton are professional engineers with experience in the civil engineering field.

Probase’s engineers cooperate with the customer and construction workers making sure that the architecture can be put in place.

Checks get done on the terrain making sure it’s suitable to be built on. Probase gets involved with structural designs and plans helping drain heavy rainwater.

Residential Geotechnics Engineers

Before building on the land the structural engineers at Probase will perform a range of trials on the dirt to check that it has the capability to hold a building.

Examine the Bearing Capacity

When altering a landscape you need to make sure that it is suitable for the adjustments. This can be worked out by using tools to efficiently trial the quality of the ground.

Designs for Water Systems & Sewage

The team at Probase has designs to ensure your drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure services are all accomplished to a high standard.

Complete Engineering & Hydraulics

March 24, 2021

Your total engineering and hydraulics solution specialists – for quality repairs and manufacturing of all kinds of hydraulic cylinders.

A complete workshop service for every kind of engineering or hydraulic need on the farm, in the factory or on the boat.

With CNC mills and lathes, welders and drill presses the workshop team can custom design the cylinder or component you need.

Industrial cylinders & rams

Hydraulic services offering 100% New Zealand built and custom-made equipment, from an expert hydraulic manufacturer – plus you get a two year warranty on new-build work for all kinds of hydraulic cylinders for industrial and agricultural machinery.

Quality hydraulic repairs

Complete Engineering & Hydraulics will give you a fast turnaround on repairs, with a focus on quality fixes that will stay the distance. Keep your waste management or farming business on the go with truck and vehicle hydraulic servicing and repairs.

Skilled fabrication work for parts

Skilled engineering experts who will tailor any part you need, with precision machining to manufacture custom-made components to your specifications. Hands-on solutions to improve your specialised machine’s output.