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Pest Attack Rodent Control

April 3, 2021

Family owned and operated Pest Attack Rodent Control have been providing professional Rodent eradication services for Residential, Rental and Commercial businesses.

For countless years we have serviced and helped businesses overcome their rodent problems in the greater Waikato region.

We have a growing portfolio of clients offering services from small owner operated businesses to large business sites.

Don’t trust DIY, call a professional

Don’t risk wasting time and money with weak DIY products. Eradicate the problem for good with the qualified specialists and expertise of Pest Attack Rodent Control’s experts.

The right training and equipment

Get rid of the problem for good with Pest Attack Rodent Control. Our staff are trained and experienced to handle the job right as well as being equipped with the best equipment for the task at hand.

Don’t let rodents threaten your health and home

Having a rodent infestation in your home can lead to property structural damage, chewed wires and the spread of harmful disease. Don’t let the problem get out of hand and call the professionals today.

Pest Attack Pest Control Waikato

February 12, 2021

Ensure your home is pest free!

Experts in pest control, making your property completely pest free

When you’re in need of professional pest exterminators, call the team at Pest Attack Pest Control – for a prompt, honest services that you can rely on for…

Insect control services

Regardless you require spider control, bedbug control, cockroach control or fly control, you can see to it that our team of experts insect control specialists can handle it all for you.

Efficient Rodent control services

The first signs of mice and/or rats in your property should be treated promptly, so call our rodent control specialists to treat the problem before it gets any worse and causes damage to your home.

Carpet cleaning

After your home has been freed of insects and rodents, we have an extensive range of carpet cleaning services to ensure that your property is left healthy and looking great.

Pestokil Pest Control Ltd

September 16, 2020

If you want fast and effective removal of pests, choose the team with over a decade of industry experience.

Pestokil Pest Control Ltd utilizes effective modern means of extermination that are non-toxic and safe around humans.

Ask about our special discounts for senior citizens, schools and non-profit organisations.

Eradicating cockroaches

If you have a cockroach problem in your property, you will want to deal with the issue fast. They are not only unsightly, but also potential carriers of harmful diseases that will negatively affect your health.

Rats and Mice

Rodents are a serious menace throughout Waikato, chewing through everything they get their teeth on. Their resilience is making it harder to eradicate them using standard baiting techniques.

Insects, Wasps and Bees

Finding your home, office or school plagued with a wasp infestation is not only a nuisance but dangerous to deal with as well. That is why you need a professional team to permanently deal with the problem.

Fundamental Cleaning

October 14, 2019

Reliable pest control, quality home cleaning services and friendly specialists with a Handlers License to ensure you’re getting the experts your home deserves.

Choose Fundamental Cleaning for cleaning service options spanning from just the carpet, to the entire home.

Rid your home of nasty vermin and pests with the pest control specialists at Fundamental Cleaning.

Exterminate vermin from your home

Dispose of the unwanted pests in your home with Fundamental Cleaning’s quality, private services. With approved pest handlers and with certification from the EPA, you can rest assured the job is done right, discreetly and safely.

Pest Attack Pest Control

May 7, 2019

Make sure that your home is pest free!

Experts in pest control, making your property completely pest free

If you need expert pest exterminators, contact our team at Pest Attack Pest Control for a trusted and honest services that you can depend on…

Insect Control

You can rest assured that our team of professional insect control specialists can handle spider control, bedbug control, cockroach control or fly control in your property.

Efficient Rodent control services

Any signs of rats or mice in your property needs to be immediately treated before it gets worse, you can rest assured that our tam of experts will take care of all your needs.

Carpet cleaning services

Aside from pest control services, we also provide a wide range of carpet cleaning services to make sure that your property will be clean and odor free.

Pied Piper Bait Stations

June 25, 2018

Exterminate unwanted guests from your home with Pied Piper rat bait stations. We deliver throughout NZ for prompt, easy removal of rodents.

Worried about children or pets? Don’t fret! Pied Piper bait stations are safe for use around people and animals excluding rats.

Stop rats from stealing the bait and getting away with our specialised rat bait system. Rats are prevented from removing the bait by a grate making the trap more effective.

Humane rat poison that works

We have designed a rat bait station to work with only the best in rat poison. Pindone rat bait is the best in efficient, humane rat bait that will ensure your home free of pests in no time.

Rat bait stations work for every location

Rest assured your property will soon be pest free with Pied Piper rat bait stations. From roofs to basements to rural properties to domestic homes, our products work fine in any location!

Rat bait stations that work and are humane

At Pied Piper Bait Stations, our owner and operator Kevin Jellie has spent years creating a superior rat trap that surpasses the old, ineffective technology that just doesn’t work. Years of experience in the plastic industry has led to the creation of Pied Piper Products.