Central Rent-a-Fence

February 12, 2021

Fencing solutions that re effective, safe and secured

Do you need temporary fencing for your worksite or event? Central Rent-A-Fence offers a range of fences, including secure construction site fencing and gates.

-event security fencing and crowd control barriers
-protected construction site gates and fencing
-plastic barriers for the control of the traffic flow
-classy white picket fencing for corporate areas and VIP
-block and gate combos for safe site entry point

Temporary fencing for construction sites

Make sure only the right people are getting in. We have a range of fencing that is 2M high so that you can block off any place where people are going to sneak in onto your work site and hurt you, your workers or your equipment.

Event fencing and crowd control

Manage your event well and make sure that people are not overcrowded by placing crowd control barriers to control the flow the crowd as well as to restrict them from entering some areas.


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