Collins Automotive Technicians

February 23, 2021

Our trained and experienced team provide auto repair services with immense care.

At Collins Automotive Technicians we provide easy access for automotive repairs in the Hamilton region.

Come on down to Collins Automotive Technicians for any WoFs, oil changes, auto electrical repairs or even hybrid vehicle battery replacements.

WoF/Mechanical Hamilton

If your vehicle needs any servicing or even just a new Warrant of Fitness, be sure to come on down to Collins Automotive Technicians and our team will handle it all.

Vehicle electrical problems

If your car has any electrical problems like sticking windows, faulty air conditioning or even battery problems, come give us a visit at Collins Automotive Technicians in Hamilton.

High quality car parts in Hamilton

At Collins Auto Parts our team really knows their stuff and can help with making sure you buy the right parts or accessories for your optimum satisfaction.


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