NZ Modern School of Music Counties-Coromandel

March 17, 2021

Coromandel based music lessons across a variety of instruments, including the drums, guitar, piano and more.

No matter your age, the NZ Modern School of Music has lessons you can benefit from.

The lessons here are made enjoyable so students will look forward to learning every week.

Creative and enjoyable music teaching

The goal of NZ Modern School of Music Counties-Coromandel is to make music lessons interesting and challenging, while still ensuring results are attainable by catering to your learning style.

Coromandel to Counties lessons for music

With a range of musical instruments to learn from, and tutoring available to individuals of any age and playing ability, NZ Modern School of Music makes learning a fun experience.

Striving to create fun and inventive lessons

As well as learning for fun, we offer students the chance to enter big competitions and prestigious music exams to showcase their talents and take their learning to the next level.


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