Powerstrip Industries

April 14, 2021

Aucklands professionals in paint stripping and restoration. Powerstrip provides shield coatings, paint and rust removal for numerous metal elements.

Whether it be removals of old paint and rust on metal components the team can restore it back to pure metal prepared for repainting.

Powerstrip industries services both commercial, industrial and residential clients and their paint stripping needs. Get in touch now for a chat.

Manufacture and business solutions

Have your metal pieces cleaned and restored to the highest standard with the team at Powerstrip industrial. We will service anything from your machinery, cars, boats and even window joinery. Find out more.

Paint stripping for home contents

Save yourself some money and restore your current outdoor furniture and fixtures instead of purchasing new. Our team of professionals can efficiently strip and restore your items and have them looking like they’ve just been installed. Find out more.

Additional services

Surface coatings are an excellent way to protect any mental element. Here at powerstrip we provide services to best get your parts ready for restoration and applications. Protection methods include grit blasting, zinc spraying and intumescent paint.

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