Roman Blinds Direct

February 3, 2021

Our quality products are the final touch you need to complete your interior decoration.

Send in your materials to us and we will create your customised product to be sent back.

No matter the dimensions of the space you need covered, we can help just send in the measurements and the process will begin.

Roman Blind Selection

Discover one of the largest roman blind selections available across New Zealand. We make roman blinds in many different colours, sizes, materials, and patterns.

Roller Blinds Selection

Roller blinds are the practical alternative to curtains or regular blinds as they offer added benefits including the ability to block the sun, filter out brightness, or regulate temperature.

Horizontal Slat Blinds

Our slat blind selection offers stylish wooden slat blinds to fit perfectly into your rooms throughout the home. Browse the assortment of styles and colours today.


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