Ross Pumps and Filtration Specialists

March 14, 2021

Servicing the Hamilton and Waikato region, on both commercial and residential properties, schools and farms.

The Waikato region’s renown water supply and filtration installation and repair team in the region.

Our filtration and water pump system ensures your family, employees or students have a clean source of water.

Exceptional water supply systems and pumps

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential property based services, Ross Pumps & Filtration have a vast history of experience working with customers around the nation. Talk to our team about our services now.

Filtration systems

When you need to find the best water filtration system for your home, commercial premises, school or industrial complex, you need to talk to Ross Pumps. Our team are certain to find the solution you need.

Maintenance and installation

We offer a wide range of services on all of our water pump, water supply and filtration systems, spanning from basic maintenance, repairs and servicing to full installation services and more… Contact the team now.


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